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What The Nature Conservancy & Quark Expeditions Partnership Means for Polar Travelers

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We were ecstatic to recently announce that Quark Expeditions®, along with International Expeditions and Zegrahm Expeditions, has partnered with global conservation organization The Nature Conservancy. As stewards of the Polar Regions, we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and protecting the pristine areas we visit.

A polar bear mugs for a Quark passenger's camera in Spitsbergen. Photo: Rob de Haas

Many of our passengers are equally passionate about conservation, preservation and environmental protection, especially when it comes to preserving the habitats of the unique wildlife species we encounter in our travels. It's why we offer carbon offset flights and also support groups and projects like Polar Bears International, Clean Up Svalbard, Underwater Bait Setter, South Georgia Heritage Trust and Penguin Lifelines.

So what does our partnership with The Nature Conservancy mean to you, an adventure traveler or polar cruise passenger with Quark? Let's have a look.

Meaningful Support for The Nature Conservancy

Over the next three years (until December 31, 2018), a portion of expedition sales will be contributed to The Nature Conservancy, with a minimum contribution of $244,650 pledged by Quark and each of our partners in this effort. Those funds will directly benefit efforts to conserve the lands and waters on which life depends in the regions we visit – and we have our passengers to thank for that!


The Nature Conservancy is the world's largest and most respected international conservation organization. Established 64 years ago, it now includes over 1 million members and 600 scientists who have protected more than 119 million acres of land and thousands of miles of rivers worldwide. Every year, the organization operates more than 100 marine conservation projects around the globe.

When you travel with Quark, you'll learn more about The Nature Conservancy and the critical work it's doing in 69 countries worldwide. After your expedition, you'll be enrolled in your complimentary one-year The Nature Conservancy membership, which includes six free issues of Nature Conservancy magazine. You'll also be invited to subscribe to the exclusive Great Places Network monthly email newsletter , featuring unique volunteer opportunities, invitations to special environmental protection events, information about environmental sustainability initiatives and more.


Other Ways to Support The Nature Conservancy

On top of becoming a member, you can give a gift membership to a friend or family member who shares your passion for environmental sustainability. Plus, anyone can participate in one of The Nature Conservancy's unique “adoption” programs:

  • Adopt an Acre: Since 1991, Adopt an Acre has protected over 600,000 acres of land. You can support initiatives in the northern Rockies, the central Appalachians, the Great Plains, the Gulf Coast or northern Sierra.

Adopt a Coral Reef: Coral reefs are under constant threat, and up to 70% worldwide could be destroyed by 2050. Through this program, you can support important coral reef

  • conservation projects in the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Palau and Papua New Guinea.
  • Plant a Billion Trees: The Nature Conservancy aims to raise $123 million in 2016 to further its goal of planting a billion trees in Brazil, the United States and China by 2025.

You can learn more about each of these important conservation initiatives on The Nature Conservancy's website,

Contact an experienced Polar Travel Adviser with any questions about how your next adventure with Quark can help support these and other conservation and sustainability efforts in the Polar Regions and worldwide.

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