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Cat Kearsley

About Cat Kearsley

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Cat grew up in Dunedin, in southern New Zealand. Some of her earliest adventure memories involve days spent wandering off-track through the forest, dragging a canoe down to the local estuary to go paddling until the sun set and dinner was ready!

This passion for exploring the outdoors led Cat to complete a Bachelor of Outdoor Education and Adventure Recreation (with distinction). She has since spent 10 years working in the outdoor industry in a variety of roles all over the world, including Arctic Norway, the Norwegian fjords, the United States, the United Kingdom and throughout New Zealand. To expand her passion in these areas, she recently began a double degree in psychology and environmental science.

Cat spends most of her spare time in the ocean, on a river or lake, up a mountain, in the forest or swinging off rock. An early fascination with the Polar Regions meant it was only a matter of time before she would end up working there. She is exceptionally excited to explore and learn about these remote regions and even more so to share these experiences with other people.