Quark passengers zodiac cruise in Ilulissat, Greenland. Photo: Acacia Johnson

Greenland Explorer: Valleys and Fjords

Duration 15 days
Departing from
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
Starting from $6,995
Adventure Options Sea KayakingPaddling Excursion


Greenland is Europe’s final frontier: its grandeur is unquestionable and yet unknown to most travelers. Sailing along Greenland’s coast is the best way to sample the rich history and diversity of this beautiful and dramatic country and to encounter an ancient culture surviving in a modern world.

Greenland Destination Guide

Greenland Destination Guide

Our Greenland destination guide is your best resource for learning everything there is to know about one of the last unspoiled wilderness areas on Earth, home to iceberg-choked fjords, towering mountains of rock and snow, valleys rich in iconic wildlife, and the world’s most colorful sky.

The guide features details about what you can experience on our expeditions, useful travel tips and even a packing checklist.



  • Meet locals on the western coast of Greenland and explore traditional Inuit settlements
  • Visit the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Explore historic places from Norse and Viking eras
  • Spot arctic wildlife, such as whales, birds and seals

Explore Greenland

Interested to see more of this voyage? Explore Spitsbergen in 360° Virtual Reality!

Dates and Rates

Starting from
Aug 15 – Aug 29, 2019
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Amazing Trip in Beautiful Greenland


Quark knows how to travel in these areas - amazing experiences (whales, fjords, culture, ice). Not quite as jaw-dropping as the trip to Antarctica, but still well worth a visit/learn!

Quark Greenland 2018


After 4 previous to Antarctica with Quark I was never surprised by the absolute perfection with which everything was done. The expedition team,ship,food and planning were outstanding, as always. Everything. The restaurant staff and the bartenders friendly and helpful as also the hotel staff.
Greenland is unique and wonderful, however I hope one day to return again with Quark to the Southern regions.

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