As the best vantage point for incredible displays of Northern Lights, home of the world's most prolific glaciers and wondrous icebergs, welcoming Inuit elders and the birthplace of kayaking, Greenland is best explored via its coast, as no roads connect the towns. Quark Expeditions has been sailing to this remote island for decades, and our Expedition Team know the best spots for hiking, treking and wildlife viewing.



There are few places in the world as unique and spectacular as Greenland. 

Shaped culturally and geographically by the ice cap that dominates it, Greenland has a fascinating history, dramatically rugged landscape and a welcoming community. Polar bears, muskoxen, humpback whales, walruses, sea eagles and reindeer are common species on the Arctic island, as are supernatural landscapes, warm pioneering people, and a dancing night sky. 

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Fly/Cruise Voyages

Arctic Express: Greenland’s Northern Lights


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