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Sam Thalmann

Ornithologist & Marine Biologist

A native of Tasmania, Australia, Sam has over 25 years of experience working on marine conservation research programs (Australian, French, Canadian and American) to many subantarctic, Arctic and Alaskan locations. Sam has a special research interest in the foraging ecology of top-end marine predators and has worked with humpback and southern right whales in Southern Australia; elephant seals, albatross and petrels on Macquarie Island and New Island; and Antarctic fur seals in the Kerguelen Islands. He also studied the population and habitat use of Steller sea lions and ringed seals in southeast Alaska and the High Arctic.

Sam is passionate about marine conservation, surfing and sailing with equal enthusiasm, and he pursues all of these passions around the world. If his work hasn’t taken him there, it’s likely that surfing, sailing or kayaking has.

For the past 10 years, Sam has been working as a guide in polar tourism. He brings an intimate knowledge and great love of the Polar Regions to his work, which, in association with a positive energy and attitude, allows him to share his experiences with those around him.