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Sam Thalmann

About Sam Thalmann

Marine Biology Presenter
You may also see Sam in the following role(s): Ornithology Presenter and Expedition Guide
A native of Tasmania, Australia, Sam grew up exploring the coastal regions and bays of this spectacular part of the world right on Antarctica’s doorstep. Captivated by the marine world, his first trip to Antarctica in 1994 changed his life forever, and he
has worked as a marine biologist in both Polar Regions ever since. With a special research interest in the foraging ecology of top-end marine predators such as whales, seals, seabirds and penguins, his work has taken him throughout the Antarctic and Arctic regions almost every year since then.
Sam is passionate about marine conservation, surfing and sailing with equal enthusiasm and pursues all of these passions around the world. If his work hadn't taken him there, it's probably likely that surfing, sailing or kayaking would have! Sam’s desire to promote polar conservation drives his commitment to share his experiences with you, to ensure that you build your own unique connection to the poles of this world.