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Chen Zhao

About Chen Zhao

Expedition Guide
You may also see Chen in the following role(s): Mandarin Expedition Guide and Geology & Glaciology Presenter
Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English, Chen grew up in Henan, China, and lived in Australia for six years. Chen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Science working as part of the Australian Antarctic Program Partnership. Chen holds a PhD from the University of Tasmania, a Master's of Science from Beijing Normal University, and a Bachelor's of Engineering from Wuhan University.
In her nine years as a glaciologist, Chen has conducted research on topics such as polar remote sensing, ice dynamics and cryosphere-atmosphere-ocean interaction, and the application of computer models for ice sheet modelling and coupled ice sheet-ocean modelling. She has published several scientific papers about polar remote sensing and ice dynamics, as well as a paper about the cooperation between China and Australia in Antarctic research. Her PhD project focused on exploring the ice mass loss of the Antarctic Peninsula and its effect on global sea levels. Her current research interest is an exploration of the sea level contributions from the Antarctic Ice Sheet in a changing ocean.
Dedicated to promoting the protection of the Polar Regions, Chen is passionate about sharing her scientific knowledge about these areas and their importance, beauty, and amazing wildlife with non-academic audiences.
Chen enjoys meeting new people, traveling, teaching Chinese, bushwalking, caving, and hiking. She looks forward to sharing your polar voyage.