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Courtenay Cullen

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About Courtenay Cullen

Paddle Excursion Guide
You may also see Courtenay in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Courtenay lives in a tiny town on Vancouver Island’s west coast, where she works as a sea kayak guide and outdoor educator. Her passion is helping others to explore the dense rainforest, rocky coastlines, and hundreds of islands that make up the place she calls home.

As both an avid athlete and book nerd growing up, Courtenay tried on many hats throughout a diverse career before joining the ranks of outdoor guides. In this occupation she finally finding a niche where she could satisfy her desires to be physically active, to challenge herself, to learn everyday, and to nourish her soul through a connection to nature. Courtenay studied English Literature at the University of British Columbia (satisfying the book nerd part of her identity,) and has a deep love of language and the written word.

Courtenay has also found fulfillment in studying and teaching yoga and spent many years living and teaching abroad in such places as India, Mexico, and Hawaii before finding her way back home. Sailing through the Southern Ocean to the mythical seventh continent of Antarctica was a lifelong dream before she started working in the Polar Regions.