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Derek Kyostia

About Derek Kyostia

Marine Biology Presenter


Raised along the wild shores of Lake Superior, Derek was at a tender age when he first became fascinated with the natural world around him. Not surprisingly, he went on to earn a degree in biology, and while his degree was still hot off the press, he spread his wings and migrated to the Pacific.

For nearly a decade, Derek dabbled in the sciences, combining his boundless curiosity for critters with opportunities to explore landscapes abroad. He has been fortunate to have participated in avian and wildlife research projects in Australia, Mexico and all of Western Canada.

As a full-time interpretative guide/naturalist, Derek has spent the last 15 years blissfully immersed in his polar passions. He is invigorated and excited by the prospect of soulful interaction with other wildlife enthusiasts and the privilege of learning from and meeting new people from around the world.