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Ethan Browne

About Ethan Browne

Logistics Coordinator & Expedition Guide


Ethan is a professional wilderness guide from Vancouver, British Columbia. Living on the West Coast of Canada in the shadow of the mountains, beside the sea, has left an imprint that he wears on his sleeve.

A graduate of the University of Victoria’s anthropology department, Ethan has a passion for primatology, paleoanthropology and early human migratory patterns. Such studies laid the foundation of his interest in human history in the Polar Regions.

From the estuaries of the Great Bear Rainforest, where he worked as a bear-viewing guide, to southeast Borneo, where he aided in orangutan rehabilitation efforts, Ethan’s professional life has taken him to places he had never dreamed of visiting, including Antarctica and South Georgia, the British Isles, East Greenland and Svalbard.

To Ethan, there is something inexplicably addictive about the Polar Regions that keeps him coming back time and again. He looks forward to sharing his own experiences, as well as creating new ones with you.