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Gerardo "Gordo" Stern

Gerardo Stern - Expedition Team member

About Gerardo "Gordo" Stern

Guest Services Representative
You may also see Gordo in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Gordo has always been intrigued by "what is out there". Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His curiosity and love of adventure brought him to Spain when he was 19 years old then later to Norway in 2010.

Gordo has a strong background in hospitality and has worked as a Restaurant Manager and Operations Manager in Finse, a village in the Norwegian Mountains. His career in hospitality brought him to Antarctica for the first time in 2014, where he worked in Guest Services for groups visiting Emperor Penguin colonies at Gould Bay, Mount Vinson, and the South Pole.

Gordo has also lived next to the North Pole in Longyearbyen, Svalbard where he affirmed his passion for the Polar regions. In 2019 he made a solo bicycle trip from the middle of Norway to the south of Spain covering 5000km in 78 days.

When he is not working, he spends his time exploring new places and visiting family and friends in Norway, Spain, and Argentina. He hasn't figured out what's "out there" yet but having covered the 7 continents and over 50 countries he is continuing to chase that goal. Gordo is delighted to share all his stories and years of experience with you, and he is excited to accompany you on what will probably be one of your most exciting trips in your life!