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Jimmy Zakreski

About Jimmy Zakreski

Marine Biology Presenter
You may also see Jimmy in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

How did a kid from Saskatchewan, Canada, become a marine biologist? He moved to Vancouver Island! In 1994 Jim received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria. A few stints as a marine biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada on the rugged west coast led him to realize that his greatest strength as a scientist was exploring in the field.

Since 1995, Jim has been a captain and marine biologist in the whale watching industry of southern Vancouver Island where he has honed his wildlife spotting skills in search of all things wild. While he specializes in orcas, Jim can't help but share his passion and knowledge for all animals, large and small. He seems to have a story for every occasion.

Working with Quark as a marine biologist in both Polar Regions since 2008 has been a dream come true career for Jim. His biggest thrill is to interact with wildlife in a responsible, ethical manner, enabling guests to experience the true essence of an animal at one with its world.