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Matthew Marsh

Matthew Marsh

About Matthew Marsh

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You may also see Matthew in the following role(s): Ornithology Presenter

Like many of his generation, Matt grew up avidly watching the documentaries put out by the BBC’s Natural History Unit, and it was these that first sparked his interest in wildlife and nature. This enthusiasm continued through his formative years, but it wasn’t until he graduated from his MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation in 2013, that his love of the wild really developed. Particularly his fascination with birds.

His passion for conservation and love of our feathered friends has led him to work on many interesting species and projects. From manakins in the jungles of Panama and fairywrens in the bush of Australia, to bushtits in the tea plantations of China and eagles in the highlands of Scotland! His first experience of the polar regions came in 2021, when he spent 9 months living in South Georgia, working for the British Antarctic Survey at their King Edward Point research station. One of his most memorable experiences from his time there was a week spent living amongst the king penguins and elephant seals of St Andrews Bay, something anyone would find hard to forget!

His work and hobbies are inextricably linked, as he is a keen wildlife photographer and hiker, spending as much time on the coast and up mountains as possible. He is regularly involved in bird ringing when back home in the UK, and despite his love of far-flung places is always looking to learn more about the wildlife found in his back yard.