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Mick Levin

About Mick Levin

Expedition Guide
You may also see Mick in the following role(s): Logistics Coordinator and Paddle Excursion Support

Mick is an adventurer, lawyer, and economist who helps organizations make better environmental decisions. He has consulted on marine protected area policies, critiqued oil spill response plans, audited endangered species recovery strategies, and delivered seminars on the global battle against marine plastic pollution. While those legal and political initiatives are an important part of making the world a better place, Mick is a firm believer that real positive change starts with each of us as individuals, advocating and acting for what we value the most.

Mick is thankful every voyage for the privilege of being able to witness new shipmates see their first glacier, penguin, whale, or polar bear. Facilitating unforgettable moments in the most rugged and remote places in the world is Mick’s favorite part of each expedition. When he’s not guiding in the Polar Regions, Mick is an all-weather cycle commuter and lover of “type-two” fun who has circumnavigated Iceland by bicycle and enjoys multi-day paddling excursions in both fresh and salt water. Mick is obsessed with rock and ice climbing, and is always working toward his next ambitious climbing challenge. Although he has traveled to dozens of countries to scale cliffs, ascend frozen waterfalls, summit peaks, and wrestle boulders, Mick never tires of developing and working to protect access to new climbing areas at home in Nova Scotia, Canada.