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Philip Bailey

About Philip Bailey

Helicopter Engineer

Born in West Derby, Liverpool, Philip spent his formative and school years living in the Wirral. After a brief spell working as an apprentice car mechanic, he joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) as an aircraft technician. After trade training his initial posting for the next four years was on the Avro Vulcan bomber, a role he has fond memories of. Since 1983 he has been working as a helicopter maintenance engineer; initially with the RAF then later as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. As well as wielding a spanner, Philip has fourteen years’ experience as an aircraft maintenance manager, culminating as Director of Airworthiness based in the Middle East. He currently lives with his wife, Allyson, in Shropshire, UK.

In his spare time Philip has a wide range of interests and in particular likes computer programming (assembly language, C++, Visual Basic, XCode). After forty years of self-tuition, he is capable of writing commercial quality software applications and is a registered developer for the UK’s Ministry of Defense. Philip has recently gained his Private Pilot’s License and believes this has given him a well-rounded knowledge of aviation. Philip has a keen interest in science and also enjoys motorcycling, playing electric guitar, and photography.