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Richard Banham

Richard Banham

About Richard Banham

Helicopter Pilot

Richard was trained to fly in the British Army and flew in a variety of roles wherever the army was to be found around the world. Upon leaving the regular army in 1995, he decided to try his hand at being famous and became a professional actor.

Realizing that if he wanted to eat, he had to earn some money, he also became a freelance helicopter pilot in 1997 and flew extensively around the British Isles and Europe. He mostly worked in the corporate market but also did a wide variety of aerial filming work, covering dramas, documentaries, and live sporting events (with a bit of military reservist flying thrown in.) Richard gradually went from being an actor who flew, to being a pilot who acted, and ultimately ended up being a full-time pilot. The closest he would get to being famous was flying the celebrities around the globe in the back of his aircraft and on and off of their superyachts.

Richard lives in London with his wife and two daughters and when not gallivanting around the world, loves nothing more than early morning walks to his local coffee shop for an iced mochaccino - going to the Antarctic therefore, seemed the next logical step. 

He became Chief Pilot in 2013 and currently flies the EC145, EC155 and the AW169. His favorite fruit is grapefruit.