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Sarah Zaubi

About Sarah Zaubi

Expedition Guide
You may also see Sarah in the following role(s): Paddle Excursion Guide and Sea Kayak Guide

Growing up in the wilds of the Chicago suburbs, Sarah learned how to thrive in the outdoors by asking "stupid" questions, getting cold and wet, losing sleep, color-coordinating her gear, and making mistakes. Sarah learned how to guide in the outdoors by taking wilderness medical courses, guiding courses, and by working alongside other professionals in the outdoors. Sarah has been working as a backcountry guide around the world since 2013 and has always color-coordinated her gear. For that reason, Sarah encourages her guests and clients to ask every question (no matter how stupid it might seem,) to come humbly to any experience, and to wear good gear (color-coordination not required).

When she is not working in the Polar Regions, you can find her at home in Alaska, or in the Colorado mountains where she enjoys snowboarding, packrafting, working on her embroidery, and snort-laughing at her own jokes.