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Sarah Zaubi

About Sarah Zaubi

Expedition Guide


Sarah was raised and educated in the very “polar region” of Chicago, and after graduating with degrees in English and gender politics, she decided to pursue “balmier” weather in southeast Alaska. What started out as a brief summer job as a horseback guide in the mountains and valleys of Alaska has slowly transformed into a nearly decade-long love affair with waves and wild places. However, much like how ice has shaped some of our most elegant and dramatic landscapes and fjords, it has also shaped Sarah’s life and guiding career. During her Alaskan career, Sarah has gone from source to sea: living remotely in a backcountry cabin on the alluvial fan formed by a valley glacier, guiding on its ice, rafting down its rivers, and kayak guiding and driving Zodiacs across its meltwater in glacially carved fjords.

When not in Alaska admiring the landscapes and crafting stewardship amongst visitors, Sarah has studied coral reef conservation as a certified Divemaster in Central America, professionally cavorted with wild dusky dolphins off of New Zealand’s South Island, deckhanded on yachts, and explored the backcountry of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains on her (sometimes) trusty splitboard. 

To help herself, friends and clients prepare for the risks inherent in backcountry exploration, Sarah has extensively studied and been certified in wilderness first response, avalanche safety, maritime safety (when acquiring her captain’s licence), dive rescue, and cold and swift water rescue. She has learned through her own work and backcountry exploration that greater knowledge and conservative decision making can usher in a greater experience. 

It is her honor and privilege to not only explore true wilderness with you as one of your expedition guides but also witness your own dramatic transformation by ice.