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Scott Sinton

Scott Sinton

About Scott Sinton

Expedition Guide
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Scott is a professional photographer, videographer and self-proclaimed ocean inspired human based in Christchurch, New Zealand. From Arctic expeditions to chasing monster swells in the South Pacific, Scott’s adventures have taken him around the globe. Enthusiastic about all things aquatic, his life is interconnected with the wind, waves and wildlife that surround his storytelling. 

Scott developed his love and respect for the ocean growing up surfing the wild West Coast of Auckland. This passion for surfing evolved into sea kayaking and he regularly goes on multi-day trips with his partner, with whom he shares a huge passion for marine mammals, Orca being his absolute favorite to encounter.

Scott’s fascination with the polar regions began in 2013 during a two-month, six-man (and two-dog) canoe expedition exploring the Canadian Arctic. Together the team connected 1500km of river systems throughout the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Alaska. This expedition, with Scott behind the camera, resulted in the documentary ‘Paddle for the North’ which premiered at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2016. The film won numerous awards and blended adventure with conservation, highlighting the fragility of the Peel Watershed, and elevating the voice of indigenous communities in the region.

Scott joined the Quark team in 2022 and loves connecting with people through that unique buzz that can only be felt in the most remote corners of the world.