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Tess Longlade

About Tess Longlade

Polar Boutique Manager
You may also see Tess in the following role(s): Expedition Guide
Tess lives in Ontario, Canada. Having worked and sometimes lived in the Polar Regions since 2011, Tess loves the colder climates and the clothing layers that are required to enjoy them comfortably. She loves watching polar guests experience all their firsts. Whether it is their first-time laying eyes on one of the incredible landscapes, their first wildlife sighting, or one of the other amazing firsts guests get to experience in the Polar Regions. Tess has years of Zodiac driving experience and loves to take guests on adventures on the water or on the land.
She is excited to welcome you onboard and looks forward to helping you in the gift shop, or seeing you in one of the Zodiacs, or on the shores of the incredible places you will have the chance to see in the Polar Regions.