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Zhuofu Li 李卓芙

About Zhuofu Li 李卓芙

Mandarin Linguist


Born in Southern China, Zhuofu holds a master’s degree in interpreting and translating from the University of Bath in the UK. During her undergraduate studies, she double majored in translation and interpreting as well as Germanic studies at Sun Yat-sen University in China and the University of Cologne in Germany. As a result, she has four working languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and German. She has translated over 600,000 words between Chinese and English in the past three years for companies such as Google, Unilever, and McKinsey. She is also an experienced book translator, with one of her books “Havana Lost (Chinese Edition)” entering Top 10 Bestsellers on Amazon China in August 2015. As for interpreting, she once interned as a simultaneous conference interpreter at the International Maritime Organization. She has also served as the simultaneous or consecutive interpreter for Chinese government and entrepreneurial delegations to the UK. Her conference interpreting experiences range from business management to finance, from medicine to renewable energy, from metal 3D-printing to aerospace engineering. 

Besides being a big fan of skiing and traveling, she loves cooking and reading science fiction in her spare time. This is her first Antarctic season with Quark Expeditions.