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Zhuofu Li

About Zhuofu Li

Mandarin Linguist

Born in Southern China, Zhuofu is a professional and full-time translator and interpreter based in London with a Master’s degree in Interpreting and Translating from the UK’s University of Bath. During her undergraduate studies, she double majored in Translation and Interpreting as well as German at Sun Yat-sen University in China and the University of Cologne in Germany. And thus, she has four working languages: Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and German.

Zhuofu is highly recognized by her accurate & elegant translation, engaging public speaking style, and friendliness when interacting with an audience. She is a veteran interpreter in political settings and official visits. Besides having interpreted at the International Maritime Organization, she has been appointed as the interpreter for British Prime Ministers, UK government ministers & many Chinese government and entrepreneurial delegations to the UK. Furthermore, as she also specializes in medical, technical and financial interpreting, she has been chosen as the interpreter for many high-level global conferences such as the 20th World Congress of Accountants.

Zhuofu has translated over three million words between Chinese and English in the past eight years for international companies including Google, Unilever, McKinsey, and Richemont. She is also an experienced book translator and editor, with one of her books, Havana Lost (Chinese Edition), entering Top 10 Bestsellers on Amazon China in August 2015.

Besides being a big fan of skiing, she loves fossil hunting along the UK’s Jurassic Coast and one day hopes to travel around the world to search for interesting fossils. She has been working in the Polar Regions since 2017.