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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Adventure and Wildlife at 74°N

8 or 10 days

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge:在北纬 74 度进行户外探险及观赏野生动物

在这所位于加拿大的独特 Arctic Wilderness Lodge 和世界顶级的白鲸观赏地停驻一周。Arctic Wilderness Lodge 位于北极圈以北 500 英里处,为徒步旅行、皮划艇运动以及乘坐全地形车辆 (ATV) 探索北极冻土层提供全面向导。


Day-by-Day Expedition in Brief

  • 参观数百头白鲸的栖息地——坎宁安河河口
  • 难得一见且具有代表性的北极野生动物:白鲸、北极熊、麝牛、环斑海豹、雪鸮和北极狐
  • 参观安娜角图勒族 (Thule) 遗址,游览远古石屋和骸骨屋
  • 包括全地形车辆 (ATV) 和奔驰乌尼莫克 (Unimog) 车探险、皮划艇运动、漂流及其他项目
  • 您还有机会领略难得一见且具有代表性的北极野生动物的风采:白鲸、北极熊、麝牛、环斑海豹等
  • 充分体验旅程中安排的户外项目和装备:包括全地形车辆 (ATV) 和奔驰乌尼莫克 (Unimog) 车探险、皮划艇运动、漂流及其他项目
  • 您还可以选择其他活动,比如钓北极红点鲑及空降比奇岛展开徒步旅行

Day 1 — Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Enjoy an included night in Yellowknife and meeting your fellow travelers.

Day 2 — Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

We’ll meet early in the morning to board our private chartered plane to fl y the 1,000 miles (1,500 km) to the Arctic Watch lodge. During the four and a half hour fl ight, we’ll pass over the treeline to the barrens, refueling in the community of Cambridge Bay, and landing in the afternoon on a private airstrip on Somerset Island.

Day 3 — Arctic Watch Lodge, Somerset Island, Nunavut

A typical first morning at the lodge may include receiving a hands-on introduction to driving all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), which are easy and fun to drive. Later, we may take a short hike to the Cunningham River estuary to watch beluga whales frolic in the shallow water only a few yards off shore, followed by a wonderful buffet lunch.

Day 4 — Arctic Watch Lodge

Today we may attempt to kayak in Cunningham Inlet. All equipment and basic instructions are provided. Paddle among icebergs, looking out for ring and bearded seals as well as beluga whales. Sightings of sea birds, including Arctic terns and eider ducks, can be expected. After a lunch served along the shoreline, we’ll take a short hike to explore a local canyon aptly named “Kayak Falls.” From there we’ll have stunning views of the Northwest Passage and the opportunity to see polar bears.

Day 5 — Arctic Watch Lodge

Following breakfast, we’ll depart for a trip to Flatrock Falls, crossing the Cunningham River delta. There, you’ll have the option of hiking or travelling by Mercedes Unimog a (multi-purpose four-wheel drive truck). We’ll visit the Somerset Island canyons, formed as the result of shifting fault lines. Their walls, mostly vertical, vary from 200 to 1,000 feet (up to 305 meters).

Day 6 — Arctic Watch Lodge

The first leg of today’s journey will be by Mercedes Unimog truck. We’ll get to the Arctic Watch raft and kayak launch on the Cunningham River, 20 km from the lodge. Typically, the final six kilometers require a hike through the Badlands, passing the skeletal remains of two bowhead whales dated from eight thousand years ago. The voyage includes encounters with muskox, snow geese, jaegers, Arctic foxes, sandpipers and rough-legged hawks.

Day 7 — Departure Arctic Watch Lodge

Today, you’ll bid a fond farewell to the lodge team and the High Arctic. You may have time to take advantage of one last activity before we depart. In the late afternoon, the plane will arrive for the return flight back to Yellowknife. Upon arrival in Yellowknife you will be transferred to your included hotel.

Day 8 — Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Today you can make your way home at your leisure or spend some more time in the Yellowknife area.
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Adventure Options Add an Extra Rush of Adrenaline to Your Expedition

Arctic Watch offers a range of unique adventure travel experiences. Everything you imagined and more, guests can experience arctic safaris, raft the Cunningham River, sea kayak with hundreds of beluga whales, hike the tundra, spot polar bears roaming the Northwest Passage, investigate the mysterious Thule ruins crafted from giant whale bones, fish for arctic char and more.

Included Activity at Arctic Watch 

A great way to better explore the terrain of Somerset Island is by all-terrain vehicle. Guests receive a hands-on introduction to driving ATVs, which are easy and fun to operate. Helmets are provided. (only available at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge)

Expedition Facts

The most northerly fly-in lodge in the world

Constructed and opened in 1992, the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is located in Cunningham Inlet, on Somerset island, in Nunavut, Canada’s largest and newest territory, which formally came into being in 1999.

Photography Adventure at Arctic Watch

Internationally recognized as one of the top Arctic wildlife locations on earth, Arctic Watch offers photographic programs for both amateur and professional photographers.