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Adventure Options highlight: Kayaking

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Meet Quark's kayaking expert: Solan Jensen. Born and raised in coastal Alaska, Solan works as a kayak ranger and guide specializing in multi-day sea kayak trips. A highlight of his career, Solan was the co-leader of one of the first commercially guided overnight sea kayak expeditions in Antarctica. Below is an exclusive blog post from Solan:

Solan Jensen

Solan Jensen

Kayaking in the Polar Regions is probably one of the most intimate and romantic ways to explore these majestic places. The kayak hasn't really evolved since its creation (it was invented in Greenland, BTW), so it's stuck to its primitive and principle concept of being at one with the water and therefore the animals and ice.


Whether it's in the Arctic or Antarctica, kayaking isn't really for everyone though. Between the tempestuous weather, the bone-chilling water, the wild animals and the colossal icebergs, this is some of the most dangerous waters in the world. Quark's kayak guides always encourage paddlers to take a weekend kayak course before they leave on their trip, where they can get a feel for the boat, practice a wet exit, and have a few more hours under their "spray skirt."

Whether it's the slow pace at which you glide through the water, the bond with a small group of your fellow paddlers, or the primal way you'll be immersing yourself in these regions, kayaking offers an experience unlike anything else you've ever, or will ever, have.


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