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Antarctic Fashion: This Season's Trends and Must-Have Clothing

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At first glance, the term Antarctic fashion may seem like an oxymoron. Aren't visitors to the seventh continent too busy trying to keep warm to care about how trendy their clothes are?

When considering what to pack for the Antarctic, you might be surprised to learn that in the regions Quark Expeditions visits, temperatures rarely drop below -10 degrees Celsius in the warmer summer season. Consequently, Antarctic fashion revolves around utility. Keeping warm, dry, and comfortable are equally important.


What to Wear in the Antarctic

When we talk about Antarctic fashion, we consider the quality and durability of garments; fabrics that enable you to travel light and stay comfortable throughout your trip, whether you're enjoying the view from the deck of your ship, hanging out on a beach with our seal and penguin friends, or hiking the pristine Antarctic landscape.

Polar fashion is all about functionality – better temperature regulation, mobility, sweat management, and fit. This year, we're excited to introduce a new line of base layers and designs to keep Quark travelers warm, dry and comfortable.

Merino Wool Base Layer Garments – Not Your Grandmother's Wool

This season's best and most versatile fiber base layer garments come from Icebreaker, renowned as world leaders in merino wool. Wanting to offer a superior alternative to synthetic garments, Icebreaker created a vast array of merino garments with unsurpassed breathability, odor resistance and functionality. This is not the itchy, sweaty wool of generations past.

Ideal for extremes, merino wool is breathable in summer and insulating in winter, yet exceptionally soft and lightweight. Icebreaker's simple and elegant pieces are easy to wear every day and strong enough to face the toughest terrains. Its merino wool undergarments are available this season in our on-board shops.

Microfiber Neck Buffs for Moisture Wicking and Versatile Comfort

Deception Island by Corina Hitchcock

Buffs are a wonderful and necessary accessory in Antarctica and this year's seamless microfiber design can be worn in a number of ways. Super lightweight and comfortable, Quark Expeditions buffs keep the cold out but don't hold moisture in. They're essential for covering your neck from the sun, protecting your mouth from dust and debris, and keeping cold or snow wind off your neck and out of your jacket. Hikers and those participating in our mountaineering adventure option can even wear the buff under their helmet for warmth.

quark-buffWe have a custom design for this year's Antarctic season (see at left), featuring penguins native to the region. These versatile infinity scarves will lead the way in original multifunctional headwear and are available in our on-board shops, and in our online Gear Shop.

iTouch Compatible BioSensor Liners

Merino wool is a fabulous fabric for gloves, with naturally wicking and anti-odor properties. These gloves by Outdoor Research have a unique feature that also make them touch-screen friendly: stainless steel fabrication in the fingertips.


Smartphone photography has become all the rage in Antarctica, as smartphone cameras have evolved and are now capable of capturing near-professional quality photos. With these breathable and quick-drying gloves, passengers can keep their hands warm and dry while still navigating smartphone features.

Antarctic Fashion – Function, Comfort and Style

Trending polar fashion features the most advanced materials and designs to keep the cold out and keep moisture away from your skin. Function and comfort come first, but not at the expense of looking great.

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