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Ask Dr. Tom Hart, Penguinologist

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Quark Expeditions is excited to announce the return of Dr. Tom Hart, Penguinologist, to the Quark offices this week! He'll be dropping by to chat about all things penguin-related...with you!

We're setting up a live web chat with Dr. Hart this Thursday, June 13th at 12:00pm EST and you're the special guest. Got a burning penguin-related question that demands answering? Wonder how one becomes an expert in the field of penguinology? You won't want to miss out on this very special webinar. Join our facebook event for up to the minute updates here.


Please visit:

About Dr. Tom Hart:

Tom runs the Penguin Lifelines project at Oxford University and the Zoological Society of London, through which he monitors Antarctic wildlife using camera trapping, volunteer photos and population genetics. Tom's PhD at Imperial College and the British Antarctic Survey investigated penguin foraging behavior around South Georgia. He loves the world's cold places and is passionate about protecting them. Tom loves all penguins, but particularly Macaroni Penguins, as they have the most attitude.

a photo from one of Dr. Tom Hart's cameras in Antarctica a shot from one of Dr. Hart's cameras in Antarctica.

What can you expect from a chat with a Penguinologist? Here's a video from the last time Dr. Hart was here answering questions:

Got a question for Tom? Let us know at and we'll make sure he gets them!

Dr. Tom Hart will be part of the Experts In Residence program on select voyages during our Antarctic 2014 season.

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