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Prendre la Mer avec Quark Expeditions – French and Multilingual Departures in Antarctica

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We're proud to offer the Quark Expeditions website in a number of languages including French, Spanish, and Japanese, to serve our discerning, adventurous and curious international clientele. But did you know we also offer multilingual expeditions, including those in French?


French-speaking passengers will be delighted to learn that for the Antarctica 2015/16 season, Fabrice Genevoix will lead three multilingual departures aboard the Ocean Endeavour, the only health- and wellness-focused expedition ship in Antarctica. A respected French biologist and author, Fabrice has been visiting and working in the Polar Regions since 1989.

What to Expect on a Multilingual Quark Expeditions Departure

Prior to boarding in Ushuaia, passengers will receive a welcome letter with boarding protocols, which identifies your key contact onboard for service in your language. After a warm bilingual welcome from Fabrice, French passengers will find their cabin booklet and pre-departure briefing materials in their native language, for easy reading.

boarding in Ushuaia

French Staff, French Assistance

In the opening briefing onboard the Ocean Endeavour, you'll be introduced to bilingual Quark Expeditions staff, who will assist you with anything you need throughout your trip. Safety briefings on these select departures are conducted in French. A French-language program, and menus from Endeavour's two restaurants and lounges, are supplied. And general on-board announcements are also bilingual, or multilingual (English, French and possibly German), depending on the expedition.


French Guides, French Lectures

Heading off the ship into the wilds of Antarctica, you'll be accompanied by bilingual guides. On each Zodiac outing, a French-language speaking guide will accompany you. And you can ask Fabrice about specific Antarctic adventure options such as kayaking, cross-country skiing or mountaineering that may be offered through bilingual guides (and those which require basic English-language comprehension).

Each evening, after a fascinating day of trekking or adventure-seeking in Antarctica, guests typically gather to participate in lectures by Quark Experts- or Scientists-in-Residence and staff. On our select multilingual expeditions, French-speaking guests can enjoy lectures in their native tongue.


Multilingual, Culturally Diverse Antarctic Adventures

There are no language barriers on Quark guided polar tours. One of the most enjoyable elements of the time spent onboard for many of our passengers is the opportunity to meet and chat with the fascinating people who travel with us. As Expedition Leader Dave Riordan says, "It's amazing how that floating vessel turns into a community for the time you're together!"


Whether English-speaking or not, if you'd like to learn more about life aboard a Quark Antarctic expedition ship, check out Dave's humorous and insightful interview about the everyday happenings of sailing, trekking, camping and exploring the Polar Regions.

And those guys right there, above? They speak the universal language of "adorable." They'll pose for your camera, preen, strut and play for your photo-snapping pleasure, no instructions - in any language - required!

Join us on the following Ocean Endeavour multilingual departures in the upcoming Antarctic season for the expedition of a lifetime:

Crossing the Circle passengers take a charter flight from Buenos Aires to embark aboard the Ocean Endeavour from Ushuaia, Argentina. Become one of the few people on the planet to visit 66 degrees south and capture an abundance of Antarctic wildlife on film (or digital camera card) including seals, whales, a variety of penguin breeds and more. This 14-day expedition is the most in-depth with Quark and offers a number of activities including stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and even camping out on the 7th Continent.


Antarctic Explorer passengers also embark from Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, surrounded by the sea and spectacular mountains. Cross the infamous Drake Passage and explore the South Shetland Islands before reaching the Antarctic Peninsula, the northernmost region of the 7th Continent.

Though we often think of traveling to the bottom of the world as a once in a lifetime experience, many of our passengers visit Antarctica again and again. Each visit is a new adventure, thanks to the incredibly diverse wildlife and scenery. Contact a Polar Travel Adviser today to learn more about our upcoming multilingual departures and the exciting Antarctic adventure options available on each multilingual expedition.

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