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Quark Expeditions chooses Canada Goose for Barneo Ice Camp

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Guest Blog by Danny Pastuck, Merchandise Ecommerce Manager

With every new arctic expedition comes a new set of operational challenges. Quark Expeditions is no stranger to the North Pole, bringing guests to the geographic North Pole each summer by means of legendary icebreaker 50 Years of Victory. And so we know - what you wear on your North Pole trip is almost as important as how you get there.

Passengers Protected From The Elements

The Warmest Outdoor Expedition Gear

In April of this year, Quark set out to bring a small group of guests to experience the North Pole by way of the one-of-a-kind Barneo Ice Camp, a seasonal fly-in base came located at 89° North, on a frozen patch of the Arctic Ocean.

Aside from the complicated logistics of transporting guests to and from the camp and the North Pole by a combination of planes and helicopters, one of the biggest challenges encountered was the potentially extreme weather conditions. Sub-zero temperatures, harsh winds and blowing snow can sometimes combine to challenge even the most seasoned adventurer. To ensure guest optimal warmth, dryness and comfort, Quark relied on industry-leading winter gear outfitter Canada Goose to outfit expedition staff and guests. As part of the Barneo Ice Camp expedition, each guest is provided with a signature Canada Goose Expedition parka.

GPS Reaches 90° North

The Exclusive Canada Goose Expedition Parka

“We chose the parka because of the research and testing that went into its design and construction,” said Karl Kaanstadter, Product Director at Quark Expeditions. “Lots of manufacturers talk about the amount of down fill their parkas have, and that's important in this environment, but the attention to detail of the snaps, zippers and closures in also key. A parka that will keep you warm in North Pole weather is essential, but a parka that is functional, that has easy access pockets, a big functional and practical hood, huge bomb-proof zippers and closures, and is wind resistant, is critical.”

Staying Warm at the North Pole

When our guests arrive at the North Pole by helicopter, the excitement is palpable. The first few minutes are spent consulting GPS devices in search of “90”; the next few taking once in a lifetime photographs. But with the exception of the shelter from the helicopter, there is no respite from the cold and wind. It is their Canada Goose signature parka that ensures they enjoy these incredible moments at the Pole before returning back to basecamp.

Barneo Ice Camp Group Photo

And as with our ship-based expeditions, your parka is yours to keep.

The Barneo Ice Camp expedition returns April 2017 and is now open for reservations. Contact a Quark Polar Travel Adviser for more information, or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and savings on many other polar expeditions.

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