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Greenland Explorer: Sail and Soar the Alpine
Greenland Explorer Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic

Greenland Explorer Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic

Starting From:
$7,476 USD
11 days

Our Greenland Explorer voyage is designed for travelers seeking to explore the majestic fjords, glaciers and mountains of South Greenland. This itinerary offers guests one– of–a–kind excursions exclusive to Quark Expeditions—some of them only made possible by our newest ship, the technologically–advanced Ultramarine, which is equipped with two twin–engine helicopters. On this journey, you can be as active as you like, or you can opt for more relaxing, immersive experiences.

Developed in partnership with local communities—a first of its kind in expedition travel—this itinerary offers unprecedented opportunities to explore the majesty of South Greenland’s diverse fjordlands. Ultramarine’s two helicopters will take you to areas in South Greenland that others can’t reach, especially for off–ship excursions. Some of these, such as our Exclusive Heli Landings and the Greenland Ice Sheet Experience, are included for all guests, who can also enjoy hikes, community visits and Zodiac cruises.

This voyage—accessible to guests of all fitness levels—offers something for everyone, whether you’re interested in soaking up the serene mountain views, sailing through the icebergs on a Zodiac cruise, or trying optional activities such as heli–hiking or camping in style on the shores of Tasermiut Fjord with local hosts.

Guests Heli-HIking in South Greenland
Expedition in Brief

Explore remote ridges and vast peaks during an Exclusive Heli Landing, which is included in the trip

Marvel at the Northern Lights lighting up the skies above South Greenland’s stunning fjords

Experience Greenlandic cultural highlights with local partners

Set foot on the Greenland Ice Sheet, the second-largest ice mass in the world

Choose from off-ship activities geared to all levels of fitness and interests, ranging from relaxed camping to heli-hiking

Visit the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage site to learn about the intersection of Inuit and Viking cultures.

Make Your Polar Dream a Reality

All we need is a little bit of information about your travel preferences and one of our Polar Travel Advisors will be in touch.

Your Ships

When it comes to polar expeditions, you’re only as good as where your ships can take you. And our diverse fleet of small polar vessels, which includes icebreakers and expedition ships, can take you to places larger ships can’t navigate. View All of Our Ships

Ice Class



Cruising Speed

16 knots

in open water



Staff and Crew


Ultramarine - Deck 2
Deck 2

Ultramarine's off-ship adventures start here on Deck 2. This is where you’ll find the efficiently-designed Ready Rooms A and B next to the Zodiac hangar, where you'll embark on your off-ship adventure options. Ultramarine’s two ready rooms include an individual locker for each guest to safely store and dry personal items and expedition gear between outings. They're  also equipped with benches that are handy when changing attire before or after off-ship excursions. Zodiac embarkation is at water-level which makes for quick deployment.

Ultramarine - Deck 3
Deck 3

Deck 3 is where you’ll find Reception, where a crew member is available (during posted hours) to assist you. It’s also where you’ll purchase internet or email access cards and phone cards, arrange for a wake-up call, or settle your accounts at the end of the voyage. Also on Deck 3 is the Polar Boutique, which is stocked with expedition gear and a selection of polar souvenirs. The Clinic is located on Deck 3, as are the Explorer Triples and the Explorer Suites (two of which offer modified layouts and bathrooms for wheelchair accessibility).

  • Explorer Suite
  • Explorer Triple
Ultramarine - Deck 4
Deck 4

Deck 4 offers guests two categories of suites. The Balcony Suites feature one double or two single beds, and a 52 sq. ft. (4.8 sq. m) balcony, a refrigerator, safe, TV, and a bathroom with shower and heated floors. (Some Balcony Suites offer interconnecting rooms.) The larger Deluxe Balcony Suites feature one double or two single beds, a 70 sq. ft. (6.5 sq. m) balcony, refrigerator, safe, TV, and a bathroom with shower, bathtub and heated floors.

  • Deluxe Balcony Suite
  • Balcony Suite
Ultramarine - Deck 5
Deck 5

Deck 5 is home to Balena restaurant, featuring tables that accommodate 2 to 10 guests. Every seat in Ultramarine’s main restaurant offers views of the wraparound deck. At the opposite end of Deck 5 is the state-of-the-art Ambassador Theatre, where guests enjoy daily presentations and films on the high-definition LED wall screen. This space is large enough to accommodate all guests.

Ultramarine - Deck 6
Deck 6

During your voyage you may be granted access to the Bridge to observe how the Captain and officers sail and navigate the ship. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how your vessel operates. Strict etiquette applies during Bridge visits which can be facilitated through the Expedition Leader. Also on Deck 6 is a selection of Deluxe Balcony Suites, Ultra Suite, Solo Panorama, Owner’s Suite and Terrace Suites.

  • Ultra Suite
  • Owner's Suite
  • Terrace Suite
  • Deluxe Balcony Suite
  • Solo Panorama
  • Balcony Suite
Ultramarine - Deck 7
Deck 7

Guests can go to Deck 7 to visit Bistro 487, an alternative dining option to the larger Balena restaurant. Here, they'll enjoy selections from the main menu, healthy eating options and light snacks, as well as an early riser’s breakfast, afternoon tea and late night snacks. Also on Deck 7 are the Sauna (with floor-to-ceiling windows), the Library, Tundra Spa, a gym with the latest fitness equipment, and studio space for informal yoga.

  • Penthouse Suite
Ultramarine - Deck 8
Deck 8

Ultramarine’s two twin-engine H145 helicopters enable guests to enjoy the largest selection of off-ship adventures, all of which start at the two helidecks. It’s here on Deck 8 that guests will safely board the two helicopters to experience more unique aerial perspectives and heli-supported activities than are possible on any other ship in the industry.

Included Activities

Exclusive Heli-Landing

Imagine setting foot in an area of the world that can only be safely accessed by helicopter. With a small group of fellow passengers and expert guides, you’ll board one of Ultramarine’s two twin-engine helicopters to soar off to a... Read more
Passengers Hiking in Svalbard


Hiking in the polar regions differs from your typical trail experience. Here, in a tree-less terrain, you are the tallest figure on the landscape as you walk over spongy tundra, crusty snow or sandy beaches in remotes parts of the... Read more
Ice Sheet experience in Greenland

Ice Sheet Experience

Ascend high above the cascading coastal glaciers onto the immense polar plateau of the Greenland Ice Sheet (the second-largest ice mass in the world) and take in the immensity of this overwhelming landscape. An excursion on one of... Read more
Paddling excursion in the Arctic

Paddling Excursion

Every sweep of the paddle as your craft glides through the pristine polar waters creates an incredible soundtrack: the jostle of glacial ice, the lapping of waves against the rocky shore, the perpetual drip from your paddle, the c... Read more
Passenger getting ready for a polar plunge in the Arctic

Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge is scheduled once during each voyage. Throughout the journey, the Expedition Leader and Captain constantly monitor conditions in order to choose the optimal time and location. The Polar Plunge sometimes takes plac... Read more
Zodiac cruising in the Arctic

Zodiac Cruising

Zodiacs are used for transferring you ashore, transporting your luggage when necessary and for taking you ocean-level cruising among icebergs, whales and seabirds. During the expedition, you will visit remote and isolated sites th... Read more

Adventure Options

Greenland Camp Experience

Join local hosts at one of the most exclusive camps in Greenland. Our local guides will lead you on an immersive experience through the wonders of their homeland. Spend ample time, in intimate groups, walking through the beautiful... Read more
Heli Hiking in Arctic Landscape


Our twin-engine helicopters will transfer you to the start of the most scenic hiking routes of Southern Greenland and then pick you up at the endpoint of the route. Each heli-hiking departure will be tailored to your personal need... Read more

Tundra to Table: Inuit Culinary Experience

Our ground-breaking Tundra to Table experience offers guests a one-of-a-kind adventure into the culinary traditions of the Inuit in Greenland and Nunavut. Guests who participate in this on-ship Adventure Option will enjoy dishes f... Read more

Possible Excursions

When traveling in extremely remote regions, your Expedition Team must consider the sea, ice and weather to guide the route and itinerary details. The following sites are a sample of what you may experience on your expedition, whether by ship, Zodiac cruise, helicopter, or shore landing.

Ikerasassuaq (Prins Christian Sund)

The massive tidewater glaciers and dramatically steep cliffs dominating this picturesque fjord system, named after Christian III of Denmark, are one of the many reasons South Greenland has earned the moniker Arctic Patagonia. Aappilattoq, home to about 100 people, is the only settlement in this remote region. This is an ideal place for ship cruising, as the icebergs here come in all shapes and sizes.


Brattahlíð (meaning “the steep slope”) was Erik the Red’s estate in the Viking Eastern Settlement, which he established in 985. Brattahlíð was the site of the first Greenlandic parliament, as well as Greenland’s first Christian church, built for Erik’s newly converted wife, Tjodhilde. The ruins of several buildings, including living quarters, outhouses and Tjodhilde’s church, are still visible today, and replicas of the original chapel and longhouse are located nearby. The present village, Qassiarsuk (the Greenlandic name for Brattahlíð), was founded in 1924. The area is home to some of the most fertile land in the country, just as it was when Erik first laid eyes on it.

Tasermiut Fjord

Paddling and Zodiac excursions into Tasermiut Fjord allow for closer connection with the landscape that is considered one of the most beautiful places in Greenland. At 43 miles (70 km) long, this picturesque fjord will be a highlight of your south Greenland experience, even if you don’t opt to camp.

Greenland Ice Sheet

The largest mass of ice in the Northern Hemisphere—one of only two polar ice sheets on the planet, second only to the Antarctic ice sheet—is located at the heart of Greenland. The ice sheet covers 80 percent of the country’s land area and is nearly 2 miles (3 km) thick. It spans coast to coast, contained to the east and west only by the coastal mountains. Stepping onto the ice, which moves undetected beneath your feet, is a moment you’ll never forget.


This sub-Arctic farming landscape— the earliest example of agriculture in the Arctic—was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Area in 2017. Featuring archeological sites and agricultural lands, Kujataa is comprised of five areas (Igaliku, Hvalsey, Qassiarsuk, Sissarluttoq and Tasikuluulik) that represent the most comprehensive cultural histories of Norse and Greenlandic farmer–hunters. In honor of the designation, Greenlandic Post issued a stamp in 2018 showcasing the landscape of Kujataa.

Kangerlussuatsiaq (Lindenow Fjord)

Ships rarely venture into Lindenow Fjord, one of the least-occupied fjords in Greenland. With your Expedition Team in the lead, you may cruise by Zodiac in an arm of the fjord, as our staff use their years of Arctic experience to search for wildlife. You may also spot waterfalls along the sheer rock face or enjoy a hike amongst waterfalls, flowers and blueberry fields.


The settlement of Narsarsuaq (meaning “the large plain”) is the gateway to South Greenland and numerous hiking trails and Norse sites. It is the lush, fertile land surrounding this area—located deep in the Tunulliarfik Fjord, only about 4 miles (6 km) from the ice sheet—that earned Greenland its name. Norse ruins dot the hills around the village, including Brattahlíð, where Erik the Red settled in the 10th century and his descendants remained until about the 15th century.

Guests exploring Brattahild, Greenland Brattahlíð, Greenland
Guest hiking at Lindenow Fjord (Kangerlussuatsiaq), East Greenland Kangerlussuatsiaq (Lindenow Fjord), East Greenland
Zodiac landing at Tasermiut Fjord, East Greenland Tasermiut Fjord, East Greenland

Departure Dates and Cabins

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Make Your Polar Dream a Reality

All we need is a little bit of information about your travel preferences and one of our Polar Travel Advisors will be in touch.

Extend Your Trip

Getting to the Arctic can be just as much fun as being there. Quark offers multiple travel packages that enable you to see more of the world before and after your Arctic adventure. Contact Us
Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavík, Iceland

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