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Alys Hoyland

Alys Hoyland

About Alys Hoyland

Sea Kayak Guide
You may also see Alys in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Alys grew up on the coal seam in northern England where polar travel seemed about as likely as visiting the moon. Raised between derelict pit stacks and heather-clad hills, she developed a keen appreciation for the importance of access to, and advocating for, wild places.

Studying languages as a means to explore wild places further afield, Alys spent several years getting lost in mountains and rainforests, eventually making her way to Vancouver Island. Since 2017, she's been commuting the west coast mostly by kayak and guiding others in the art of paddle-powered travel.  She thrives on facilitating moments of connection in nature, whether through observing breathtaking wildlife, offering insights into the history or ecology of the area, or simply sharing a moment of appreciation for our awe-inspiring environment - and our place within it. Alys is equal parts enthralled, inspired, and humbled by the ocean, and is astonished at her good fortune that she gets to share this joy with others.

When not guiding, you’ll find her knee-deep in a tidepool, cold water swimming, or hatching mad-cap (yet surprisingly successful) plans to remove plastic pollution from the inaccessible stretches of BC’s storm-lashed coast. Most interesting beach-clean finds to date include a perfectly intact gigantic light bulb, a 20 year old message in a bottle, and an inflatable plastic unicorn.