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Artie Ahier

About Artie Ahier

SUP Guide & Logistics


Artie brings to the table a lifetime of experience in hospitality paired with a strong passion for the wild world. While he was growing up at his family’s restaurant on the Restigouche River in Eastern Canada, the seed was planted for a love of all things natural as well as for always taking care of your clientele. This early theme brought about a partnership with his spouse, Lisa, a chef, to begin a journey together of exploring the outdoors. From managing a yacht in Florida and the Caribbean to a remote luxury guest ranch in Texas’s Big Bend, their commitment was the same: take great care of guests and show them what natural treasures abound. Artie led bird, bat and nature walks at each of the properties he managed.

In 2000, the couple found their home in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Their desire to put down roots led to the opening of 2 new lodges, the births of their 2 children, and Artie helping his partner fulfill her dream of opening her own restaurant. After an amazing 13 years at SoBo, Artie turned 50 and decided it was time to pursue a few passions of his own.

Artie spent 3 years skippering on whale-, bird- and bear-watching trips in Clayoquot Sound and Long Beach National Park. Now he’s living his dream of showing people the great outdoors and sparking relationships with the wilderness that he hopes last a lifetime. His love for food, wine and music rounds out the free time he has when he’s not out chasing wildlife in wild places.