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Astrid Dillner

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About Astrid Dillner

Expedition Guide

Growing up in the shipyards of Stockholm living aboard the family tall ship, Astrid was exposed to life at sea from an early age. Her childhood summers were spent sailing around in the Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic ocean.

Fast forward 20 years, Astrid found herself behind a team of excited sled dogs barreling through the canyons and climbing over the glaciers of Svalbard.

Immediately she was hooked! Dog sledding, this challenging and dynamic form of adventure, so timeless and well adapted to the polar regions, it captivated her immensely. Since that first trip Astrid has trained and raced for renowned mushers from Southern Norway to Svalbard. With ever greater aspirations in mind, Astrid hopes to one day be able to dedicate herself completely to this craft and compete in the legendary Yukon Quest race.

Ask her about the history of dog sledding in Antarctica!

Between winter seasons in the north Astrid has taken every opportunity to explore the outdoors in a number of different ways in the form of sea kayaking, hiking, climbing and long distance horseback riding.

Ever in search of new experiences, Astrid has combined her roots on the ocean with her love for the polar regions and is overjoyed at the opportunity to share her excitement for remote and wild places with you!