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Bingbing Jiang

Bingbing Jiang

About Bingbing Jiang

Originally from Beijing, based in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past two decades, home is between two shores or her their heart resides. Award-winning writer, journalist, published author, editor, and seasoned translator for public and private sectors, from Silicon Valley players to wine country elites, from former US Vice President to grassroots folks in local communities. Bingbing is an experienced EN<->CH consecutive/simultaneous interpreter in art, tech, education, literature, legal, business, and medical fields.

Dedicated to building bridges between people and breaking language barriers, Bingbing enjoys photography, calligraphy and zither and loves everything the great nature has to offer. Her most memorable moments during polar expedition voyages include a slew of tiger whales emerging out of the crisp blue ocean, an albatross spreading his heroic wings stooping toward the snowy beach, a curious penguin waddling to the rock where we set our backpacks and checking them out.

Get ready and come along to your most unforgettable polar expedition experiences!