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Carrie Gunn

About Carrie Gunn

Ornithology Presenter/ Guide


Raised in Lybster, a small fishing village in the far north of Scotland, Carrie has always considered the sea to be a huge part of her life. Her passion for marine life led to her completing a Master of Research in Marine Biology and set her on a career path that has never ventured far from the sea.

Carrie has over 10 years of experience as a field ornithologist, specializing in seabird ecology, which has given her the opportunity to live and work on several beautiful and remote islands. She has studied the population ecology of puffins, shags and kittiwakes in Scotland; fairy terns and tropic birds in the Seychelles; and blue-footed boobies in Mexico. Carrie has recently returned home from a 2-year stay on Bird Island, South Georgia, where she monitored the largest seabird of them all: the wandering albatross.

A restless traveler, Carrie is happiest when she has her binoculars around her neck, a camera in her pocket and a map in her hand. She cannot wait to join you on an exciting new polar adventure, where together you can explore the White Continent and marvel at the creatures that call Antarctica home.