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Chia-Yi Juan

About Chia-Yi Juan

Mandarin Linguist

Born and raised in Taiwan, Chiayi speaks English and Mandarin and completed her Master's degree in Outdoor Studies and Arctic Safety in England, Norway. During her stay in northern Europe and the Arctic, she explored mountains and forests by hiking and skiing and fell deeply in love with wilderness and nature.

As a lover of adventure, Chiayi loves spending time on the ocean, as well as in the mountains. From kayaking to scuba diving, she enjoys exploring the world in different ways. Her passion and curiosity for nature led her onto a ship that sailed along Norway's coastline and to hiking in the snow in Iceland, northern Norway, and Svalbard. These experiences inspired her enthusiasm and respect for nature.

Being a member of the polar expedition team has been a wonderful opportunity for Chiayi to continue to contribute her education and experience in the outdoors. She also loves seeing the big smile that people wear while being introduced to the magical Polar Regions.