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Clement Carasco

About Clement Carasco

French Expedition Guide


Born in France, Clement grew up enjoying the pleasures of the countryside. At age 19, with a university diploma in his pocket and a burning desire for adventure, he decided to explore the world. His first stop was Norway, where he lived for a summer before moving to Canada, which has proven to be one of the best places to explore.

Whether he is climbing the hidden parts of the Coast Mountains, surfing the northern beaches of Vancouver Island, kayaking in swells between barnacles and orcas, or ski mountaineering on light powder in some of the most beautiful ranges in the province, Clement always finds fantastic places to play or work in British Columbia, his adopted home.

Clement is deeply passionate about the exploration of our planet and is a firm believer that pushing our own personal boundaries and the boundaries of our species, in a respectful manner regarding the environment, will help us understand Earth better, making it easier to protect.

Before eventually retiring – he plans to build a cabin on a remote island of French Polynesia – Clement would love to sail the high seas, learn a few more languages and maybe even open a restaurant.