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Clement Carasco

About Clement Carasco

French Expedition Guide
You may also see Clement in the following role(s): Sea Kayak Guide and Expedition Guide

Clement grew up in Lyon, France, where he enjoyed the pleasures of the countryside and exquisite food. In 2015, with a university diploma in his pocket and a burning desire for adventure, he set out to explore the world. His first stop was Norway, where he lived and explored for a summer, then moved to Canada, which proved to be one of the best places to find an adventure.

Whether climbing in hidden parts of coastal mountains, surfing the northern beaches of Vancouver Island, kayaking in the swell between barnacles and orcas, or skiing the light powder snow of the beautiful mountain ranges of British Columbia, where he now lives, he always finds fantastic places to play or work.

When not adventuring you might find Clement working on small scale farms, and cooking delicious meals. He loves to learn and you will often find him with his head in the books, researching a newly observed species.

He is deeply passionate about the exploration of our planet, and of the Polar Regions, where he finds sheer beauty and peacefulness. His advice for new polar travelers is to get outside before anything else in the morning and take in a big breath of polar air while admiring natures creations.