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Dave Merron

About Dave Merron

Photography Guide & Expedition Coordinator


Originally from Vancouver, Dave now resides in Toronto, Canada, the third-largest city in North America. He began traveling extensively at an early age with his parents, a trend that continued throughout his 20s and 30s. Dave has lived in several countries, including Australia, Spain, England, New Zealand, China and Israel. Travel truly sparked his love for taking pictures, which led to a career in photography.

Dave has guided at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, located on Somerset Island in the Canadian Arctic. With almost continuous amazing light, insane icebergs, stunning landscapes and wonderful wildlife, Antarctica is truly a photographer’s dream.

In the off-season, Dave can be found photographing weddings, families and portraits. His hobbies include traveling, hiking, biking and playing soccer.

He is extremely excited to travel and share his knowledge with you.