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David Tofler

About David Tofler

Sea Kayak Guide
You may also see David in the following role(s): Paddle Excursion Guide and Expedition Guide

Originally from Australia, David has always had an appetite for adventure and wild places. David's career in expedition and adventure tourism has taken him to the best white water rivers, from Australia's iconic Franklin River to the remote Herbert River and rivers in Europe and Africa. David was based in Africa for 4 years, leading paddle expeditions on the Zambezi and Omo rivers and participated in the first descent of the White Nile River. Living in such beautiful environments fostered a great curiosity and love of the diverse flora and fauna throughout the world’s bioregions.

While the rush of whitewater was David’s introduction to paddling, the call of the ocean was never far away and sea kayaking soon became his great love. Luckily, Australia offers world-class sea kayaking destinations, and upon returning to his homeland, David and his partner set up Coral Sea Kayaking, developing kayaking expeditions within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

David’s life in a tropical paradise has not curbed his eagerness to explore. He worked as an audio tech with an adventure film crew on the early seasons of the hit U.S. television show Survivor, as well as on world-renowned eco-adventure races in many remote locations. Although he lives near the equator, David has developed a fascination with colder climates, leading river and sea kayaking trips and other adventures in Patagonia, northern British Columbia and Iceland, and as part of the Quark Expeditions kayak team.