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Françoise Gervais

About Françoise Gervais

Photography Guide
You may also see Françoise in the following role(s): Expedition Guide and Paddle Excursion Support
Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Françoise is a self-taught wildlife and landscape photographer. Hoping to contribute to environmental protection, she completed a master's degree in land use planning and spent the first years of her career creating nature reserves. The spirit of adventure then led Françoise to study one of the most unexplored places on earth, the deep sea. She participated in numerous oceanographic expeditions, where she studied hydrothermal vents, submarine canyons and deep sea species. Shortly thereafter Françoise decided to pursue a childhood dream and went to the Polar Regions to work as an expedition guide. From there, she dedicated her career to creating a deeper connection with nature and building a bridge between it and the people she guided. She has led several expeditions in the Polar Regions. From diving under icebergs while filming polar bears and narwhals to assisting scientists in the field, her expertise and experience is unique.
During this time, photography became inevitable for her. She felt a social responsibility to capture these fragile places and moments in time, and in doing so found her true voice through photography. Her work goes beyond simply trying to create beautiful images. Through publications and public lectures, she hopes to contribute to a radical change in our relationship with nature.
With her endlessly contagious energy, Françoise will always try to answer your call for adventure by showing you the magic that is the last great wilderness on earth.