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Gang Cheng

About Gang Cheng

Mandarin Linguist
You may also see Gang in the following role(s): Mandarin Expedition Guide

Hailing from Beijing, Gang joined Quark in 2018. On his first voyage to Antarctica, he was instantly enchanted by the spectacular landscape and its unique wildlife. Lost in the planet’s most pristine beauty, Gang immediately developed an inner drive that pulls him back to the Polar Regions season after season.

Starting as a Mandarin linguist, he loves to exchange travel anecdotes and funny life stories with guests from a diverse background. He also does some stand-up comedy during voyages if the guests could bear a little more dryness in the “white desert”.

Back at home, Gang is an experienced interpreter who has worked at more than 100 forums, science seminars, business conferences and field studies per year. He has provided service to Nobel laureates, governments, business leaders, operating teams and the broader audience. He was also a professional trader and a Mckinsey alumnus. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, skiing, fencing, badminton, basketball and playing guitar.

Gang holds a Master degree in Interpreting and Translating with distinction from the University of Bath, and a Bachelor degree in Atmospheric Physics from Peking University.