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Gillian Millett

About Gillian Millett

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Gillian studied anthropology, religion and science/technology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. After graduation, she began traveling and hasn’t stopped since, her adventures taking her to over 50 countries and every continent. Along the way, Gillian has worked as a cycling instructor in Australia, a cruise director and hostel manager in Europe, an event director in Canada and a race director/assistant tour director for a cycling expedition across Africa. She can be found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions the majority of the year.

Back home in Canada, Gillian lives on Lake Simcoe, Ontario. Life on the water has its advantages: she can take her kayak out as soon as the ice breaks up, and enjoys riding her bikes in the nearby forests. She has a soft spot for animals, the stranger the better. In her spare time, Gillian has a variety of hobbies and is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Of most interest are handicrafts, and she can often be found trying to learn local methods on her travels.