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Grigory Tsidulko

About Grigory Tsidulko

Marine Biology Presenter & Guide


Although he grew up far from the ocean, Grigory has always been passionate about it and cetaceans. He graduated from Moscow State University with degrees in marine biology and ecology. Grigory has participated in or led over 20 research expeditions on gray whales, orcas, arctic foxes, northern fur seals and walrus.

Passionate about marine mammals, Grigory has advocated for whales and dolphins in Russia and beyond as a campaigner for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Advocacy for whales and dolphins also brought Grigory to Antarctica as an Antarctic Ocean Alliance representative for Russia, advocating for the designation of marine protected areas around the Antarctic.

Grigory entered the tourism industry as a boat driver, lecturer and wildlife guide in 2012 and since has worked for many seasons in the Russian Far East, Arctic and Antarctic. His “best day in the office” is out in the wilderness, observing nature taking its course. A naturalist and passionate photographer, he enjoys sharing his knowledge, stories about adventures to the Polar Regions, and unique encounters with the people and wildlife living in these remote, pristine areas.