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Ian Johnson

About Ian Johnson

Expedition Guide

In 2017 Ian was contracted by Quark to travel to Antarctica as a consultant and trainer. His expertise is in 'Telling Compelling Stories' and 'Thematic Interpretation' This job changed his life! To the point where in 2019 he walked away - or more accurately flew and sailed away - from his full-time job in New Zealand to undertake training in navigation, radio and Zodiac driving, in order to become a full-time guide with Quark for the 2019/20 expedition season.

He hopes to share the humbling, transformative experiences that he has had in the Antarctic, so that you might care for these places as much as he cares for them. He would love you to share your stories as well.

"You can’t tell nobody nothin’ and the only caring any of us is even capable of doing will come from the thoughts we ourselves think and the personal meanings we make between our own two ears." Dr. Sam H. Ham