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Justin Fisch

About Justin Fisch

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Justin is a young adventurer hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada. The son of a native Cape Bretoner and a Belgian expat, he holds three passports and never seems to figure out to which he really belongs. A global citizen by default, Justin is an avid absorber of languages, speaking native English and French, in addition to having a professional proficiency in Spanish and Portuguese. He dabbles in Mandarin Chinese, to the chagrin of anyone who’s ever heard him butcher “你好” (ni hao/hello).

A lawyer by trade and an outdoor guide by passion, Justin has led backpacking expeditions throughout the southeastern U.S., canoes down Florida’s magical rivers, clients up Nicaragua’s stunning volcanoes, as well as interpreted Bolivia’s stunning Andean culture, and encouraged toughness while snowshoeing Quebec’s supernatural winters. His passion for environmental protection and protected area systems led him to work in environmental law and policy, where he previously served the Government of Canada as Parks Canada’s national youth ambassador for the 2015-16 term. In this role, he found novel ways to connect Canada’s youth with their rich natural and cultural history while engaging the new generation of environmental stewards. His role as the producer of the Hello Ukkusiksalik Documentary Expedition fuels his passion for Arctic travel and discovery, allowing him to maintain a strong network of involved youth and discovering remote corners of Nunavut’s Kivalliq region. Justin formerly taught environmental law at the University of Ottawa.

Justin est un jeune aventurier natif de la Nouvelle-Écosse, au Canada. Né d’un père Belge et d’une mère Néo-Écossaise, il détient trois passeports et cherche toujours son identité! Ce polyglotte partage son amour du monde naturel à travers les quatre langues qu’il parle couramment. 

Juriste de formation et guide de plein air par passion, Justin est fort d’une longue expérience en tant que chef d’expédition de canoé et de trekking aux États-Unis, ainsi qu’au Nicaragua, en Bolivie et au Canada.

Sa passion pour la protection de l’environnement l’a conduit à travailler dans le domaine du droit et de la politiqie environnementalle, notamment en tant que jeune ambassadeur de Parcs Canada en 2015-2016. Il s’est également essayé en tant que réalisateur de courts métrages, avec un intérêt particulier pour la région de Kivalliq, dans l’arctique Canadien.  Il fut anciennement professeur de droit environnemental à l’Université d’Ottawa.