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Kristoffer Korol

About Kristoffer Korol

Expedition Guide
You may also see Kristoffer in the following role(s): Paddle Excursion Support

It is not a love of being “forever freezing,” but a love of resilient beauty, the reverence for life that has found a way to survive and thrive in some of the harshest climates, that has drawn Kristoffer to work in the Polar Regions.

Believing that the span of one’s wings is equal to the depth of one’s roots, Kristoffer credits his upbringing in the sunny Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, for his ability to flourish at the edge of the world. Even in the frostiest of conditions at the highest of latitudes, he can still smell sunburnt ponderosa pines, evoke the joy of biting into a freshly picked peach or recall the otherworldly sensation of plunging into a cool lake on a blisteringly hot day. It’s this portable ember of warmth, carried with him always, that has enabled Kristoffer to renounce 30ºC seasons for the 3ºC variety.

Kristoffer is as comfortable behind the tiller of a Zodiac as he is looking for an ideal blind from which to take incredible wildlife shots or swapping stories with new friends after a long day on the land. He looks forward to another exciting polar season with exuberance and gratitude.

In between his polar work, Kristoffer can be found in coastal BC, guiding youth on land and at sea, conducting dive surveys on marine populations, and enjoying the bittersweet bliss of canned peaches and chilly swims in the lake.