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Lauritz Schönfeld

About Lauritz Schönfeld

Geology & Glaciology Presenter
You may also see Lauritz in the following role(s): German Expedition Guide and Expedition Guide

As a professional guide, geologist, and glaciologist, Lauritz has worked in the Polar Regions since 2013. His passion for cold places began in 2010, during a high school exchange program where he spent a year in Nuuk, Greenland. He was fascinated by endless glaciers, lots of snow, sub-zero temperatures, and vast landscapes, and also charmed by the warmth of Greenlandic people. Since then, he has been grateful to have had many opportunities to live and work in these incredible places.

His geological studies have brought him to some of the most remote areas in the world, such as Svalbard where he studied at the University Center in Longyearbyen. Lauritz is fluent in several languages such as English, German and Danish, and also has a wide knowledge of Greenlandic, Norwegian, Latin and Ancient Greek.

His advice for “polar beginners” is to occasionally put their cameras away and enjoy the breathtaking scenery which is subject to sudden changes and fading opportunities. When he is not exploring the Polar Regions, Lauritz can be found hiking or flying in the Swiss Alps, his new home away from home. He loves watching polar guests getting excited over the first glimpse of a distant iceberg in the setting sun.