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Liliana Schönberger

About Liliana Schönberger

Ornithology Presenter
You may also see Liliana in the following role(s): Expedition Guide and German Expedition Guide

Dr. Liliana Schönberger has been conducting research on seabirds in the Arctic since 2007. She holds a PhD in the field of avian ecology based on her multi-year research project on Little Auk’s nesting ecology. Liliana also lived in the Arctic in a research base, so calling the Polar Regions her home is no exaggeration. Liliana’s perfect idea of summer is to spend it in the Arctic amongst her beloved Little Auks. In winter, she dreams of Antarctica, where she is reunited each year with penguins and albatross. During both seasons, she loves watching polar guests in awe of the feathered kind.

Her passion for birds and adventures was hatched on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Gdańsk, Poland, where she was raised. She continues to share her knowledge and passion for the Polar Regions in Switzerland, where she has lived since 2017. When not guiding, Liliana specializes in Environmental Impact Assessments concerning the effects of offshore renewable energy projects on seabirds. Nature and landscape conservation is of big importance to Liliana and research on microplastic pollution in Antarctica and light pollution in urban areas are two of her other interests. Since 2019 she has expanded her expertise to a new subject of Spatial Planning at the Technical University of Zürich.

Liliana’s mother tongue is Polish, however, she speaks fluent English and German. She also knows a bit of schwiizertüütsch! Whether on deck, in a Zodiac, onshore, or giving lectures, Liliana is more than happy to share her experience with, knowledge of, and passion for wildlife. She also generously shares her love of gardening, cooking, wine, music, and books.