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Melanie Frenette

About Melanie Frenette

Expedition Guide
You may also see Melanie in the following role(s): Wellness Guide and French Expedition Guide

Melanie spent five years working and backpacking her way across the world, and in doing so witnessed nature’s transformative power. It awakened a deep desire to protect it as best as she could. Following those adventures, Melanie reoriented her professional path towards environmental sciences, graduating from the McGill School of Environment in Montreal, Canada.

She spends her days freelancing for local non-profit conservation organizations and advising corporations on best environmental practices. When she is not at work, you will find Melanie scouting the woods on her mountain bike or stand-up paddleboarding with her beloved sidekick, Rhéa, the cutest (and most stubborn) dachshund.

Fueled by her passion for outdoor adventure and her love of yoga—which she has been teaching since 2011—Melanie launched Trail Junkies: a mindful mountain biking guide business located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. According to her, it is one of many unique ways to connect one’s internal “ecosystem” within the greater natural environment and to feel in sync with the beauty of nature.

Melanie looks forward to sharing her tips on yoga and mindfulness onboard, even when the ocean gets a little rough.