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Miranda Unger

About Miranda Unger

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Miranda’s interests in marine life and ecosystems were sparked during a visit to the intertidal zones on the east coast of North America. Observing the coastal ecosystems and ocean waters teeming with life, she knew her path was set. She spent her first year of university circumnavigating the North Atlantic Ocean on the tall ship SS Sørlandet. Working at sea further allowed her to observe aquatic organisms in their natural environment, solidifying her interests. A window into different cultures and volunteer experiences also highlighted that year.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Miranda attained a postgraduate diploma in marine mammal science at the Scottish Oceans Institute at St. Andrews University, experiencing an intensive immersion in the academic research of marine mammal conservation.

Miranda works for Mingan Island Cetacean Study as a team member, conducting seasonal cetacean research of blue, fin and humpback whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Gaspé, Canada. In late fall, she leads polar bear trips on the brink of Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada. In the off-season, she analyzes data for scientific cetacean research and also immerses herself in behind-the-scenes scientific processes as a volunteer in the mammalogy department of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, where she was born and raised.

Miranda loves being in the outdoors, on the water, and having the chance to share and explore the unique world we live in. She spends her summer seasons on the St. Lawrence River, in a partnership of scientific research and tourist education as a Zodiac captain and marine biologist guide for whales.

She is looking forward to extending her guiding skills into the marine mammal realm of the Antarctic.