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Nathan Hagge

Nathan Hagge

About Nathan Hagge

Logistics Coordinator

Nathan was born and raised in Minnesota, but currently splits his time between Southeast Alaska and Colorado. While growing up, Nathan spent his free time canoeing, kayaking, hiking, skiing and camping in Northern Minnesota, on Lake Superior, and in the Boundary waters wilderness area. Later he moved to Colorado to continue his favorite outdoor pursuit, skiing.

He moved to Alaska in 2013 and began his guiding career in Skagway and Haines as a zipline guide, bus tour guide, canoe guide and trekking guide. Nowadays Nathan works as an expedition guide aboard small adventure craft in Southeast Alaska, which is beginning to feel more like his home with every passing year. Nathan has a huge passion for the outdoors, for exploring the myriad different ways that ecosystems interact with each other, and for sharing “the stoke” he feels with others.

When he is not working, Nathan enjoys travelling, skiing, backpacking, skiing, packrafting, skiing, lounging by the fire, and skiing. Planning his next adventure often becomes his main hobby in between trips. Nathan also loves keeping up with the latest and greatest gear for all my favorite outdoor pursuits and will happily talk about it for hours.