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Neil Williams

About Neil Williams

Guest Services Manager
You may also see Neil in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Fascinated from a young age in social and natural sciences, Neil studied geography and anthropology at university and soon developed an interest in understanding the importance of preservation of culture in modern society. He has lived and worked in Western Australia, assisting on indigenous land preservation projects. Back in his native England, Neil worked in central London focusing on schemes to protect local communities and buildings in areas subject to development.

Neil is passionate about Latin America, after being seriously bitten by the Latino bug during initial visits to the region. Calling countries such as Guatemala, Panamá and Perú home for a number of years, he led group adventure tours through both Central and South America on public transport, developing his leadership skills in the midst of salsa and samba rhythms.

In 2018, Neil swapped his temperate guiding attire for gear more suited to the Polar Regions, and commenced guiding with Quark in Antarctica, followed by work in the Arctic. He looks forward to both seasons each and every year, anxiously anticipating the bedazzling beauty of both locations.

When not working in the Polar Regions, Neil spends his time between his home in Warwickshire, England and the Spanish city of Granada in Andalucía. The blend of Spanish and Arabic cultures, and the stunning action-packed Sierra Nevada mountain range nearby, keeps his senses well and truly tickled.

Neil is also an avid backgammon player – anyone keen for a game during a sea day?